Lieutenant, Tory Smith

Hamilton County Sherriff's Office

The Driving Angels Program is important because it gives young drivers a chance to revisit what they learned in driver’s training.  Let’s face it… we send our young people to driver’s school for a relatively short period of time.  They obtain their driver’s license, and then there is usually very little follow-up or continued education or training.  Eventually, the young driver makes a mistake.  Once the mistake is made, the system (parents, school officials, police officers, & juvenile court magistrates) “react” with some sort of punitive action.  We focus on the mistakes made and put very little effort into the development of knowledge, skill, and decision-making ability of the teenage driver.

 The  Driving Angels Program has the potential to make a tremendous positive impact on our community.  Traffic Safety is a “quality of life” issue.  The better we can prepare our young people for the risks and responsibilities of driving a motor vehicle, the better off the entire community will be.”

​ Lt. Tory Smith