The Driving Angels program was conceived one hot afternoon in 2009 as Colerain police officers stood on Interstate 275 looking at the aftermath of another senseless death as a result of bad decision by a teenager. This was the third death in 2 years and, ironically, involved a close friend of the other two victims. Sadness, frustration and determination led to identifying a group of public safety professionals and high school students dedicated to making a difference. In the last seven years, we have reached over 1000 young people and, I truly believe, we have saved lives. Many programs begin strong, but end after the initial awareness and excitement wear off. That has not happened with the Driving Angels. The torch continues to be passed to students wanting to make a difference. Strong leadership is vital to the success of the Driving Angels, and the students and staff are impressive and strong leaders. As long as they need to educate young drivers exists, the Colerain Police Department will be proud participants of the Driving Angels.

Chief Mark Denney


Our Mission Statement....

As “Driving Angels” student educators, we are driven to engage our community about traffic safety, while raising our peer students’ awareness of risky behavior and distractions when operating a vehicle.  

The “Driving Angels” will continue to raise awareness through community based partnerships, marketing and media.  

We, as student educators, are committed to providing the most relevant and useful information as a way to help young drivers to make good decisions each and every time they operate a vehicle.  

The “Driving Angels” team strives to make a difference and save lives through education, its students, its professional mentors, and the dedicated instructors who teach our young drivers.