Beth Kramer, RN-BC, BSN

UC Health Trauma Center

The Driving Angels Program is important to me because it allows us to reach out to teenage drivers and provide them with traffic safety information.  Too many teenagers die each year as a result of motor vehicle crashes, and most of the crashes are a result of speed and inexperience behind the wheel.  This program allows us to help teenage drivers make better choices each and every time they get into a vehicle, either as a driver or as a passenger.

Officer Patrick Quinn  

​​Allen Walls, Assistant Fire Chief

Colerain Township Fire

Amanda Wilson, RN, MSN, CCNS

​​UC Health Trauma Center

Skip Phelps


​​Andy Demeropolis, Retired Colerain Police

​Student Resource Officer NWHS

​​Patrick Quinn, Driving Angels Administrator
 Traffic Safety Officer/Colerain Township

Tory Smith, Lieutenant

Hamilton County Sheriff's Department