September 29, 2012 the Hamilton County Juvenile Court started sending diversion students to the Driving Angels.

March 16, 2013 we changed the classes from three hours to four hours long

July 27, 2013 was the first class we offered in the summer.  We now would be offering six classes a year.

May 11, 2013 we had the 500th student attend the Driving Angels

May 14, 2013 we had an open house and invited school principals from high schools in Hamilton County and Butler County

February 15, 2015 we held our first meeting with student instructors to go over future plans for the program.

July 18, 2015, 1000th student attended the Driving Angels

July 21-24 2015   Driving Angels Young Driver & Passenger Safety Week

The Driving Angels partnered with AAA, Hamilton County Safe Communities, and Children’s Hospital.

September 25, 2015 participated in Student Service Leadership Workshop at the University of Cincinnati

April 13, 2016, conducted a presentation at Taylor High School

May 4, 2016, Northwest High School Driving Angels Committee sets a new standard in Responsible Driving Awareness by doing a "mock" crash", including UC AirCare and ended the program in their gym with a "mock" trauma center room including doctors and nurses acting out what would happen if it were real. 


May 29, 2007 Miranda Phelps and Lauren Dietz were killed in a crash on Buell Road

Fall 2007 about 20 students from Northwest High School expressed interest to SRO in starting a program.

During the 2007/2008 school year the students worked on several presentations and wanted to do more so the Student Senate Teen Driving Committee was formed.

Spring 2008 students at Northwest High School had first presentation during Prom week and for Warner Amex Cable.

June 8, 2009 Jessica Phillips a student at Colerain High School was killed in a car crash on IR 275

Northwest High School students were asked if they would be willing to present to a group of students outside of Northwest High School.  They were told that they would be trained by professionals.

When the students started to teach others students from the community they decided to come up with another name Driving Angels.

October 2009 students from Northwest High School offered the Driving Angels program to the public along with police officers, fire department personnel, and nurses from UC Medical Center

​May 2012, Skip Phelps started speaking to the classes about his family’s personal experience with the loss of his daughter Miranda Phelps, in the crash on May 29th 2007.​